Saturday, March 8, 2008

Smith to Withdraw

In his own words, Michael Smith explains why he wont be running for the Republican nomination.

Campaign Updates

Well, that was fun...
OK, so this “campaign” has been on the shelf for some time. I just couldn’t justify spending my time or money on tilting at the Republican windmill.

What did I learn? The Republican Party is not what it professes to be. Although some good individuals hold to the principles of personal liberty and individual accountability, the vast majority within the Party are simply phobic conformists who want to use government to advance their views. The interests with money want to protect their money, the fearful chumps with little more than “faith” want government to embody their narrow view of righteousness, and none of them have the integrity to care whose rights they trample to achieve their goals.

Democrats want to throw your money at society’s ills. Their economics are flawed, and their interpretation of their constitutional mandate rather broad, but at least they are working toward constructive goals.